If you haven’t already done this then go ahead and create a Google+ Local page for your business. Although at the centre of all these changes you will find Google’s vested interests, I think they have put a few things in the right order. In this post I will highlight some of the best features of Google+ Local.

Google+ Local – Consolidated Editing and Reporting

This is probably one the best features that has been implemented in Google+ Local. Before this there were multiple number of forms and troubleshooters and reporting tools for Google Places which was quite frankly mind boggling. Now you can edit, report and suggest changes right from one single form.

Google+ Local – Page Managers

Google+ Local allows you to add page managers which is a great feature if you are a big organization with different people having different roles and responsibly for your search strategy. There are two types of admins in Google+ Local, owners and managers. Each page can only have one owner, but can have up to 50 managers. All managers have the same permissions. Adding managers allows you to share control of your page with multiple people without having to share your personal login information.

Details of page managers are not public.

Google+ Local – Transfer ownership of your Google+ Local page

You can now transfer the ownership of your Google+ Local Page. Bear in mind only the current owner of a page can transfer the ownership. The person you transfer ownership to must be an existing manager of the page. If you don’t have any managers, you must first invite the person to become a manager, then wait for them to accept their invitation and then transfer the ownership. When you transfer the ownership of your Google+ Local page to someone else,your automatically become a manager of the page. The transfer of ownership happens immediately, the new owner doesn’t need to verify.

Google+ Local – Review other businesses as a business

Google+ Local – Responding to reviews

Now you can respond directly to reviews from your local Google+ page.

Google+ Local – Review scores

The scoring system is much more granular which means it will give a more realistic score as compared to the previous scoring system.