A few weeks ago the search industry leader Google along with its competitors Yahoo and Bing released a collection of schemas  that webmasters could use to markup their data. Schema.org provides us with a standardized way of markup up our webpages, ensuring that all the three major search engines understand our data better.

In the first week of July this year, Google announced its support for authorship markup saying:

“We’re beginning to support authorship markup — a way to connect authors with their content on the web. We are experimenting with using this data to help people find content from great authors in our search results.”

Today Google has just started highlighting content authors in the search results as an experiment. This is yet another indication that the web is going to be more revolved around social authority or “klout”. Serving content from trusted sources and authors has always been a struggle in modern information retrieval systems and the most logical way of solving this issue is to identify trusted authors through their social engagement or “hotness” of their content. It is a good way of fighting spam although it is a young concept which I am sure has a few loopholes. 

Here is a screenshot of Google highlighting a search results along with its author.