Live blogging Google Instant Pages. (Expect spelling and grammatical errors)

New feature will predict which page a user will choose and begin fetching its data – even before they have clicked on the link. This is Google’s new feature announced by Amit Singhal at Inside Search Event. Google instant pages (when enabled) loads the page much faster than it currently does. There should be lots of SEO opportunities in the new Google Instant Pages.

Instant page will available this week in Chrome Beta. If you want to try out today, download Chrome Developer version and try it out. When instant pages and instant search are active you save upto 4-5 secs. Instant Pages only for organic results not for PPC.

According to Google:

“Instant Pages will prerender results when we’re confident you’re going to click them. The good news is that we’ve been working for years to develop our relevance technology, and we can fairly accurately predict when to prerender. To use Instant Pages, you’ll want to get our next beta release of Chrome, which includes prerendering (for the adventurous, you can try Instant Pages today with the developer version). It’s one more step towards an even faster web.”

Here is a preview of Google Instant Pages.