So we are just over a days away from April Fool’s, and many people in Google have probably spent the past couple weeks thinking up some jokes of themselves to try and catch the gullible out – not Matt Cutts though, he has been far too busy informing us about the ‘new’ over optimisation penalties.

Over the years Google has rolled out some classic pranks and many of us fallen to them – I myself have even been prone to a prank from Google. I’m not afraid to admit it and neither should you… (Pause for a Spartacus-esque moment).

Starting in 2000, Google started to roll out a prank on April 1st and have continued to do so ever since then with a few breaks in between. There have been a few farfetched ones and even ‘April Fools’ that have turned out to be true, they have thrown a whole host and variety of them out there. What I do know is that every year people come in to the building and go ‘have you heard what Google have do…’ that’s when I check what day it is and that’s when I switch off, although hand movements may distract me sometimes. Seeing people mimicking G-Motion movements was highly amusing.

Like many of us, Google play these hoaxes for there’s and our amusement, and if you know what they are up to you can appreciate it. Pigeon Rank (PR) for example, something that for a long time many SEO’rs used as their main point of attack on whether to try and obtain a link from a certain site and ascertain the quality of their own site. But no one was ever quite sure how it was done, simple – Pigeons!! Yes, according to Google, Pigeons ran the show; they determined the effectiveness and quality of a site as they could find out quicker than a human. They even patented the term PigeonRank and has its own page providing useful and informative information!

At one stage they even turned to the world of online dating, and to be honest this was one that I believed for a while, I mean those guys are working their behinds off and don’t have time to find a date so why not set up their own dating site… managed to convince me with this one.

Of course there were some farfetched ones as well, apologies to anyone that I might have made feel really small when they admit that they did fall for this one, but come on – TiSP! Really? TiSP (again with its own page) my friends stands for Toilet Internet Service Provider which supposedly provided free broadband… like I said many apologies if you did fall for this and I will pass no judgement.

Google has also used the opportunity to release a genuine update/ application such as Gmail which was released on March31st just before midnight with many people not believing it and thinking it was a hoax as a free web based e-mail with one gig storage was unheard of (those were the days). The fact that people thought this was a hoax and yet fell for TiSP!
Happy Pranking and be aware, people might be out to prank you and don’t go announcing on Twitter what Google have just released because people will be ready to quote you when it turns out it is just another prank from the guys at Google.