An hour ago Twitter announced Follow Button which is a small widget that allows users to easily follow a Twitter account from any website or webpage. Twitter’s Follow Button is pretty similar to the Tweet Button as far as it’s implementation model is concerned. In the official announcement Twitter states:

“More than 50 sites have added the Follow Button today, making it easy for you to discover the Twitter accounts of your favorite reporters, athletes, celebrities, and other personalities. Using the Follow Button is as simple as a single click. You can also see the profile and latest Tweets of the account you want to follow by clicking the username next to the Button.”

Within minutes of Twitter’s announcement, Google leaked +1 Button’s launch date through a partner stating:

“I understand that Google planned to reach out to you about the new Google +1 button for websites that they’ll be unveiling shortly. I thought you might be interested in speaking with Hooman Radfar, CEO of Clearspring, about the company’s role as a launch partner for Google +1.”

Google’s +1 button will be officially rolled out tomorrow, as usual Google is going to make the official announcement via Google Webmaster Central Blog.

You can learn more about Google’s +1 button by watching the following video.