This morning when I got into the office I checked the latest news on BBC. In the business section I found an article titled Google Profits from illegal ads. Now as you can see in the screenshot below, the aforementioned article is featured on BBC under the business section which means it is “prominent”.

Obviously, this is a negative article about Google so I wondered whether this article has made its way to Google News or not. Surprisingly, that article was nowhere on Google News. So I thought maybe if I personalize my news and restrict it to UK and Business only then perhaps that article might show up. I changed my settings making sure the news delivered to me was mainly from BBC and that articles are related to business. Here is a screenshot of my settings:

As you can see above, I have removed “World”, “Technology”, “Entertainment”, “Sports”, “Science” and “Health” related news articles all together. Furthermore, I have changed the slider for “Business” related news to maximum which means that Google should now deliver Business related articles to me and more specifically from business related articles from BBC which again has the relevant slider set to maximum as you can see in the screenshot above.

Even with the above settings I still can not see the BBC article about Google. So what is happening then? Why isn’t Google featuring or even mentioning the negative article about itself in my news stream? Is it manually censoring that article? I personally think they are manually censoring the news ensuring negative articles are not featured or even mentioned on Google News  (Danny Sullivan pointed that if you search for Google the article does appear but it is not on the homepage). Now in the past many have criticised Google over its business practices but in this instance I think Google has completely lost sights of ethics and have again gone against their mythical company ethos of  “don’t be evil”. The article clearly proves that Google has benefited from illegal ads and yes Google has admitted to it but stooping as low as censoring news is something I could have not associated Google with.