There is an old urban myth that typing “Google” into Google will break your internets.

Someone could be trying it out right now and it is possible that they have taken out half the Eastern seaboard – who knows.

On a serious note though…

Can Google really crash the Web?

Well, actually, it turns out there could be a hint of truth behind the phrase “type Google into Google” and that – Google could crash the Web.

According to Matt Cutts, head of Google’s Webspam team, he says, “the Web might crash“.

This admission was made on one of Matt Cutts’ recent videos on the Google Webmaster Central channel on YouTube.

This is when he is referring to ways that Google could crawl the web to get the latest content. With Google having the ability to crawl every page on the Web in an instant, and their architecture nearly supporting that kind of load.

But of course it is not a very efficient way of indexing pages on the Web and serving fresh results.

However, it is possible…

We’ve known for some time how powerful Google’s server farms and infrastructure is, and likely to be improved further still.

With over a million servers under Google’s control (around 1-2&#37 of the world’s servers in use at the moment), it is a scary thought what would happen if that kind of power were to get in the wrong hands.

It is unlikely, cross-fingers, crashing the Web would be from someone typing Google into Google, nor from any inadvertent mishap or experimentation at Googleplex.

…Let’s hope.

But it always sounds cooler when coming from Matt.

You can see him talk about the principle quickly 46 seconds into the clip below.

The video above is actually an interesting video from Matt as it provides some positive ways of getting your data crawled first such as using Twitter and PubSubHubbub, ways to stop plagiarism by filing DMCA reports, and talks a little about the new experimental tags for showing the original provider of content.