I don’t know about you but I follow a lot of people who post in languages other than English. Their posts obviously appear in my stream but I can’t understand any of it which means that I have to¬†literately copy and paste the content of these posts in external translation service.

Normally, when I am using Chrome and am browsing a page which is in let’s say French, the browser alerts me to Google Translate which is very handy. However, in terms of Google+ it doesn’t do the same thing, perhaps because Google+ uses HTTPS protocol?

Here is an example scenario, I follow Suzanne Lortie who normally posts in French and her posts obviously appear in French in my timeline, see screenshot below.

Post by Suzanne Lortie - French

what if Google+ translated her posts from French to English automatically when they appear in my stream? Wouldn’t that be a¬†convenience? In fact, wouldn’t that make sense?

Given that Google already has a translation service it is not going to be difficult for them to integrate that in Google+. Personally I would like to see an options menu where I am able to select which languages should be automatically translated into English when they appear in my stream. After all, Google is trying to connect the world and the entire world doesn’t speak or understand the same language.

In-stream automatic translation could allow people who share similar interests to engage with each other even though they don’t share the same language.