Once upon a time if you were a small to medium business your first port of call for advertising would have been the Yellow pages or a local newspaper. Now you would be strongly advised to think twice. Yell reports that full year profits will fall below the range of market expectations with pre-tax profits more than halved. It has also been confirmed recently by several clients that Yellow Pages are getting rid of the free lineage adverts for customers. The idea behind this is that it will enable them to produce a much leaner book that will fit through your letterbox.

As for the local paper, have you seen one lately? This is fast becoming extinct. They are still published but often not delivered to your home. This is no longer the once reliable way of advertising for the SME.
Just like Yellow pages, print revenues continue to slide. However it is not all bad news for the SME. Digital revenues rose 10.4% to £342.2 Million. Yes, we all know that the Internet is the way forward, but are all our small companies aware of how cost effective advertising on the Internet can be?

The transparency of the internet is also one of the major benefits of advertising online. With free tools like Google Analytics you can see exactly how many visits you have had per day, where those visitors have come from, how long they have stayed on your site, all the way through to their Geographic location. This allows people to see exactly what they are getting for their spend, which is very difficult when advertising in the Yellow Page or local press.

Once upon a time has now become lets step into the future!