When IE9 was launched on the 14th of March, Microsoft boasted that it had over 2.3 million downloads/updates within the first 24 hours. No small feat for a browser that’s lost its street cred within the web community. But In the first 24 hours after Firefox 4 was launched this week, it had totalled over 4.7 million downloads, more than doubling Microsoft’s latest efforts. Considering that in February of this year IE 6, 7 and 8 held a collective share of over 54% of the browser market, Firefox have beaten the top dogs.

Browser market share for February 2011

Mozilla have set up a site to track Firefox 4’s download stats over at http://glow.mozilla.org/. This runs in real time and tracks all new downloads and upgrades around the world. While writing this article the total topped 25 million on its 3rd day.

On the tracking site you can even drill down into you county and town to see how many users from your area have downloaded. As an Internet Marketing Agency based in Crawley we can see that 1,397 people and counting have downloaded the new browser, topping the charts for West Sussex.

Although things seem to be going from strength to strength, it’s not all sunshine and roses for Mozilla. Santander have hit out today, blaming Firefox 4 for its users not being able to sign into their online banking system. Users where met with a page which said “We’re sorry, but the online logon service for Online Banking is temporarily unavailable“.

Santander have issued the following statement:

“We are aware that some customers using the latest version of the browser Firefox, version 4, may currently be experiencing difficulties accessing their account details online. We are in the process of rectifying this and would advise customers in the meantime to use a previous version of Firefox or Internet Explorer.”