Anyone experienced enough working in SEO can tell you how stressful, slow and painful getting the monthly ranking reports without using proxies can be.

Getting blocked by search engines from maxing out your IP is time consuming; and in search marketing, like all businesses, time is money.

Using the latest ranking software can only get you so far with the one IP address and human emulation turned on – that is why it’s important in search engine marketing to have a good proxy provider with as many proxies you can muster to help speed things up. For every proxy you use the speed effectively increases by that same number.

What We Found… Trusted Proxies

Trusted Proxies LogoFrom researching and a bit of experimentation we feel that we have found a great proxy service in Trusted Proxies and they are at reasonable prices as well. Finding a good company with private proxies that caters for SEO agencies with plenty of options and having a decent fair use policy to boot are few and far between.

Trusted Proxies offers a number of packages for private proxy servers; and geo-targeted so you can get your results straight from that specific country. For us at Elevatelocal this is handy as we need UK IPs for our ranking results. For the US, Trusted Proxies goes one further by offering proxies for metropolitan coverage; covering major cities for localised results.

Proxy Features

With their Parallel Private Proxy Server plans they offer two types of server: Dedicated and Virtual. The main differences between them is the risk of Google ever blocking the proxies, with the Dedicated having a far, far lower risk of being blocked due to other customers using the service.

Parallel proxy plan prices

Features: Trusted

No Black Hat Policy

Their Fair Use policy is a strict “no black hat” policy – so no spamming techniques allowed such as xrumer, scraping, mass mailing and the like, which would most likely lead to termination of the account. Internet marketers who only need them for ranking results need not worry, these are what the proxies are tailor made for.

Signing In Is Simple

Signing in to use Trusted’s services is simple. They provide a small executable file for download which you use for logging in with. A simple username-password login which immediately connects and you are then set to use their services.

Speed and Support

Speed is excellent and connectivity is never an issue. Support is responsive, knowledgeable and thorough, and they’re available 247 when you need them. We started with the 5 private proxies and loved the service so much we ordered more. Producing ranking results on the spot is now a breeze.

If you are looking to buy proxy services then take a look at Trusted Proxies for excellent performance in speed and reliability, and great support – techies who know their stuff when it comes to proxies including SEM-related advice.