How do you choose a web design company? What things do you need to consider? What will you actually need to do? Instead of me waffling on about our processes and what we think you should consider, I decided to ask someone else to do it for me. So this post is about the actual experience of one of our clients, the Director of Physio on the River.

Author ImageHow did you choose a design agency?

Physio on the river DirectorI interviewed and looked at many website designers before picking RocketMill. Prices vary enormously and it’s really hard to define the differences in what you get for your money so I thought long and hard about it. In the end I think it was down to personalities. The agency went out of their way to explain everything very clearly and gave me confidence that they knew what they were doing. They weren’t the cheapest or the most expensive but having confidence in coming up with the goods was what counted.

Author ImageHow did you choose between a template site and something custom built?

Physio on the river DirectorI was very torn between choosing a template website and a bespoke. For me, the look of the site is very important and there were things I wanted on the site which would prove more difficult in a template form. If I could have afforded it I would have gone for bespoke and responsive design – but maybe that is something I will add later.

Author ImageHow does the agency help you know what you want?

Physio on the river DirectorI found the questionnaire that RocketMill took me through helped me to define what I wanted and what was going to be important, but I already had some ideas of my own through sessions with my business coach. Also having been in business for 20 years I have a really clear idea of my USP and the profile of my customers; so that helped in the decision making. What I found they were so good at doing was keeping in mind the end goal in everything on the website – making sure that every page sent the customer where you want them to go or answers the questions they are likely to have. At the same time their knowledge of SEO and how that works helps get the website working to the best. I also felt that they listened carefully to what I wanted so the design that they came up with I was delighted with from the start and it only needed the odd tweak here and there.

Author ImageWhat advice do you have for others seeking a new website design?

Physio on the river DirectorMy advice to others would be to first work out whether your requirements can be met with a template or bespoke design. I would strongly recommend looking at the adaptable design so that your site cleverly adapts to any mobile device and is easily seen. I think that RocketMill’s strengths lie in their knowledge of SEO as well as talented designers. So the site is designed with SEO in mind all along the way.Also the preparation of copy and images etc does take a lot longer than you think! So my advice to anyone else going through the process would be to get down to that straight away and allow longer than you think to complete it.

Author ImageIn Conclusion?

Physio on the river DirectorMy old website was just a brochure really. There was far too much text and not enough images telling the story for me. I had lots of hits but not enough business was coming from it. My current site is more interactive, much more visually exciting, it puts me in the heart of Barnes village with the pictures accentuating that and with the addition of social media I hope it will convert more hits into business!