Bing: “Google helped us discover a new form of click fraud”.

Google: “You are stealing from our search results”.

Bing: “No one reads EULAs”

Blekko: “The web has turned into a swamp”

Blekko: “Search engines have assigned economic value to URL”

Google: “The problem with spam is a very big one”.

Google: “…at Google we solve things algorithmically.”

Bing: “Google as industry leader should take responsibility for the amount of webspam they have created”

Bing: “Google has a responsbility to share and be transparent on webspam.”

Bing: “The origin of this problem is your company *Google*”

Google: “Google cares about the long term loyality of our users.”

Google: “We want to find algorithmic solutions for the current problem.”

Bing: “Matt always emphasises on automatic activities only.”

Bing: “We need to go to the combination of what we can do manually and algorithmically”

Bing: “We should evaluate articles on¬†authoritativeness”.

Bing: “We as an industry look at the Google.”

Google: “We have standards but not willing to share with our colleague *pointing at Harry from Bing*”