In case you have missed the news – Facebook have built a search engine called Graph Search. It mines Facebook data to give you personalised results to your queries. As an example – you enter “good dentists in Surrey” and you would expect to see recommendations from your peer group.

It’s easy to see why Facebook have done it. The prize is massive! $17.6bn was spent on search advertising in the U.S last year alone and Google hovered up around 75% of it.

Should you use it? Should Google be concerned? ABSOLUTELY…….not.

Facebook's Graph Search

In short – Facebook are late to this market and Graph Search is full of holes. Here are two biggies:

1. Most search engine queries are for things that your friends are unlikely to have touched upon in their Facebook usage.

Think of your own behaviour – do you “like” your dentists or car mechanics Facebook page – no.

2. Privacy is also an issue. Websites want to be found and give their data to Google eagerly.

Most Facebook users do not want their likes to be mined and used. The evidence currently is that in general people are tightening their privacy settings and as such a tool such as this is built upon sand.

So there you have it. In my opinion the big winner out of this is Bing – but I’ll save that for another blog……………..