Facebook has announced that they have added even more functionality for their Comments Box Plugin.

The social plugin is for incorporating user commenting, with FB functionality, into your own personal website.

It is a relatively new application that was introduced by Facebook only a few months ago and has already gained popularity in its simple operation and in engaging visitors.

So what’s new…

News Feed Improved

The News Feed, when adding a shared url, has been improved to look and feel more like Facebook’s own News Feed.

By including Facebook’s Open Graph meta tags: og:image, og:title, og:url, og:description, and og:site_name; comments can now have users engaged by sharing their urls in all their FB glory; displaying the title, description and a thumbnail of the page being linked to.


Users would be happy to know that linking to individual comments via permalinks has been introduced.

Visitors can now directly link to a comment via the timestamp link to highlight a particular comment, this is in line with other popular blogging software for promoting and making sense of a conversation.

Login with Hotmail

Hotmail users will be pleased to know that they can now login to make a comment through the comments plugin. This joins a list of other login providers including Yahoo! and AOL – handy for visitors who do not have a Facebook account and want to share their opinion.

Dark colour scheme option added

Webmasters with a darker theme to their site can now incorporate an alternate colour version of the comments Box adding the colorscheme=”dark” attribute to the <fb:comments> tag.

Example code:

<fb:comments colorscheme="dark" href="[YOUR_URL]" num_posts="5"

Find out more…

Along with the above you can find more examples on Facebook dev’s post on how to implement the newly added features – which also includes information on how to pull comments from the Graph API and handling the data which can help with your onsite seo.