How many of us are getting more and more fed up of way too much spam email? Roughly 90% of emails sent are believed to be spam. Deleting is fast becoming a daily chore for a lot of us.

There is a lot of work going into these spam operations. They are becoming more and more sophisticated and catching plenty of otherwise switched on people out.

It is a really good idea to create a different email address that you only use for online purchases or for writing on forums etc. Be wary of clicking on the unsubscribe link because this can often lead to more spam.

Make sure your spam filter is doing what it is supposed to be doing. Internet service providers are increasingly offering this. Never buy anything that you have clicked through an email. Always treat as suspicious any email asking for your credit card details.

Remember, if you are getting attacked consistently from an email address, you can complain directly through the Information Commissioner’s website by filling in their letter template. Lastly, never reply to a spammer and be wary of any authentic looking emails from banks. Your bank will not contact through a generic email account!