As SEO Engineers we are called upon to do many things for our clients that involve knowledge of the market as well as ideas for content for this market. Creating content for blogs can be one of the biggest challenges. I have established a process that is working for me. You can use this process for your blogs or for outreach work on other people’s blogs – the process is the same.

Creating Content Ideas

There is a great content generating tool that I have been using. It quickly allows me to view some of the headlines created from a range of news and social media sites. You do need to have a Gmail account for this tool (most people have I think).You will need to be logged into your account do the following:

  • Clicking “File(Located in the top left of the screen)>make a copy”

It is as simple as adding your search query (replace the default “hotel”)and having a look at the results. I should add here that this takes a bit of practice as you need to find keywords related to the market you are working in, the more creative you are here the greater the rewards.

I also use Social Crawlytics from time to time – this is great for going through a blog that you know to see what their most popular post have been – you can get some good ideas from this, plus you have the added bonus of knowing what is popular.

Getting ideas is only half the battle!

The trick here is getting good ideas and being able to translate that into something that blog owners (and their readers) will find useful or interesting. When you are creating content, for whatever reason, you have to  sell it , it is basically a sales pitch , you are pitching for someone’s interest, the more of this that you get the more traction your content will get and the  greater the value that content will have.

Create a headline from the content idea

If you get the headline correct, then the rest will follow easily. A good idea and a good headline will make a great winning combination; Great headlines will get you the interest that you are looking for. If you using the content for your own (clients blog) or if you are looking for guest post opportunity, being able to  supply the  blogger with a couple of headlines will give then a good idea of what you are  pitching. It will improve your response rate.

Email outreach

This post does not really cover this area; it has been covered quite nicely by this article which goes into detail about the outreach process should you be wishing to do this.

Spin off to this process

If you do SEO like me then you will know that you never have enough time to do what you want. If you can find a way to add value to a process then you do. While I am looking for blogs that will take the content I am creating I find other “gems” out there. Some of the sites that that don’t want my content will sometimes offer up new ideas while I am looking through them (looking at some of their blog posts).I sometimes can get other types of links from the site.

As you work this process, I am sure that you will customise this to your needs. It has made the process of content creation so much easier for me. It is flexible and can be used for almost all of your content ideas.

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