Ok, so the sound of Easter eggs might have you drifting off and drooling at the mouth with the thought of the chocolate eggs you indulged in over the Easter break and taking you back to the days of when you used to go hunting for them, maybe you still do – no judgement passed if that is the case.

However, I’m not actually referring to chocolate Easter eggs, but Google’s Easter eggs, those little hidden gems found across the Google stratosphere – which are equally as fun as those other Easter eggs but not quite as edible.

Here are list of 9 of my most memorable Easter Eggs from Google (in no particular order) –

  1. Zerg Rush – the most recent Easter egg from Google which caused a stir on twitter, with people providing very favourable feedback. The idea of the game was to defend your search results from the attacking O’s; not zeroes as some people tried to claim, but that doesn’t make any sense. Try it for yourself if you’re not too worried about picking up an injury, type in Zerg Rush into Google and be prepared to defend the results against the evil O’s!
  2. Barrel Roll – Arguably not quite as exciting as Zerg Rush but one which is pretty cool none the less – Barrel Roll. Those of you who haven’t heard of it are probably wandering what I’m talking about. Go on to Google and type into the search box ‘Do a barrel roll’ – if done correctly I shouldn’t need to explain what happens; just keep your eyes on the screen. If you have Google instant on, it should start to Barrel Roll halfway through.
  3. Google Reader Ninja – an Easter egg for the kid in all of us, if you go on to Google reader you will be presented with the opportunity to share the joys of the articles with a couple ninjas (avoid being distracted by the tasty looking cinnamon French toast). Nothing to set the world alight, but pretty cool.

  5. Fighter Jets – Now I can sense a few of you are demanding more cool Easter eggs of the Zerg Rush ilk, well how about flying a F-16 Fighter Jet on Google Earth? You like the sound of this one a bit more right? Well its fairly simple on how to get to it, download Google Earth and fire it up, once loaded simply press Ctrl + Alt + A to activate and take control of the fighter jet, it’s probably as close as you will get to flying one so enjoy. As you can see I have fully mastered the controls and am enjoying a pleasant fly over North London (I think, it got confusing after I recovered from 10,000ft tailspin free fall).
  6. Snake – I know what you’re thinking, flying a fighter jet reminds you of that Snake game on the old school Nokia’s and if only there was a way to play it on the computer that would be awesome. Well guess what? You are in luck, because you can via YouTube. Load up YouTube and choose your favourite song or video clip like I have and let it buffer briefly press play again and then press the UP and LEFT arrows and you will see a snake appear – problem solved.
  7. Steve Irwin Tribute – one which I’m not entirely sure if it still exists but none the less deserves a mention in recognition of the man. On Google Earth many of the 3D buildings were created or designed by independent designers who along the way managed to sneak an egg or two in as well. If you navigated your way to the waterfront of the Sydney Opera house, Steve would be there wrestling a crocodile.
  8. Spam recipes – one which we can all see for ourselves – if you have a Gmail account that is. If you go in to your spam folder you will see in the suggested link category a recipe, but not just any old recipe, a spam recipe. As you can see, I have been given a great recipe idea of Spicy Spam Kabobs served with hot cooked rice… sounds enticing.
  9. Blues Brother Bridge Jump – similar to the Steve Irwin tribute, it can be found on Google Earth and pays homage to a great car chase scene from the Blues Brothers. The movie was filmed in Chicago, but the bridge used on Google Earth is the Tacony Palmyra Bridge which links New Jersey and Philadelphia.
  10. Google Street View – Last but by no means least! The guys that created Google Street View spent years designing and creating it, so they deserve a bit of credit right? Well, when the Street View camera car drove past their California headquarters the team lined the street with a banner and their very own Pegman!

So there you have it, those are the 9 Easter eggs from Google that have stuck out in my mind. But there certainly have been more. Have you guys got a favourite one? Or are there some obvious ones that should have made my top 9 list?