If you want the best from your Adwords pay per click campaign and who doesn’t, then lets look at some helpful dos and don’ts.  Firstly, put yourself in your customer’s position.

  • Can you identify what it is that your customer would respond to in your ad text?
  • Make sure your message is clear and strong for instance “Book today” or “Order now”.
  • What can you do to make you stand out from your competitors? Do something different to your competitors.
  • Make sure you use your keywords in the text of your ad.
  • Do you have a unique selling point? If not then find one and then make sure to use it in your ad text.
  • Don’t be vague with the language you use be direct and specific.  Make sure your user will land on relevant pages.
  • Put as much detail as possible but be clear and precise and also concise.
  • Get to the point!!!! Don’t forget to put a contact number on every page and maybe try putting in the prices also.