That right there was the inner voice of your short term goals, the potential quick wins. We all know what our main target keywords are and where we strive to be for our industry leading keywords but we should also know that this takes time and effort and doesn’t bring back immediate results.

So why not target the potential quick wins in the meantime, sound like a good plan? Well how can we target the right short term keywords I hear you asking, well that my friend is fairly straight forward. First thing first is to ensure you have access to your sites Google analytics, from there sort your pages by filtering for natural visits.

Once done it is time to filter out the most popular landing pages and establish the driving keywords to that page – make sure you filter out the branded traffic keywords as we aren’t interested in those for this particular goal. From here take your list and import the keywords on to a ranking generator tool such as AWR (Advanced Web Ranking). Now it is more than possible that you will be greeted with a pleasant surprise of seeing a few of those keywords already ranking in the top 5 which no one is going to complain about but what we are looking for are the terms on the bottom of page 1, top of page 2.

Now, we have a list of keywords that we haven’t focussed on or given any SEO love and we are ranking between positions 8-13 in the SERP’s and they are driving a decent enough amount of traffic to our landing pages to make us sit up and take notice (SEO’rs are renowned slouches in the chair, so when we sit up, you know it’s something we like).

The fact that we haven’t even thought about these terms and optimizing for them means that our site will be untouched of SEO work for these terms. So now we need to go back to basics to ensure that we can get these terms moving further up the rankings:

      • Is your keyword mentioned in the Meta Title or content?
      • Does the content have the specific keyword or has it only got vague variations of the term? If not look to change or adapt the content so that you can include the keyword naturally
      • Can you utilise your internal link profile more for these keywords? Can you alter the anchor text or navigational text to strengthen the keywords profile on the site?
      • Does this keyword carry enough relevance and garner enough interest where you can actually create its own piece of content within the site?

As you can see it doesnt take much, but it could be enough to move your long tail keywords up the rankings and in to converting positions fairly quickly, whilst your working away at trying to get your more competitive keywords up the rankings you will have these terms bringing in your traffic in the meantime and if you do the small things right you should these small changes have a positive effect.