Google has received a lot of bad media attention lately mainly for its failure to keep search results clean of spam. Some people in the technology industry have even gone as far as equating Google to IBM, basically saying that Google might have reached its closing chapter. Google’s success has created monsters, monsters that have found their way into the veins of the search giant by consistently tracking and exploiting the weaknesses of Google’s search algorithm. Lets take Google Places as an example, a few weeks ago I was reading a blog post about a fake company who appeared 1st for a popular keyword in a local area just because Blackhat SEOs had spammed Google maps by creating fake addresses near city centroid.

Google is struggling right now, struggling with the complexities of it is algorithm knowing that it can not afford to take a U turn on certain decisions they have made because it could potentially destroy the entire Google ecosystem. It has not been a good couple of years for Google, it has changed and updated part of its algorithm quite frequently in the past few months but upcoming search engine such as Blekko have made headlines by thinking outside the box and coming up with a transparent search engine (at least for now).

This evening Skrenta tweeted a screenshot of an email message that one of his engineers Keith Peter has apparently received from a Google “software engineeer recruiter”.

Google poaching Blekko staff

This attitude can only indicate one thing, Google is feeling the heat from its rival and is threatened by Blekko’s technology? Unfortunately, it hasn’t been an easy year for Google on the HR side too. Facebook has poached some of Google’s most brightest software engineers and Google’s counter offers of multi million dollar packages haven’t worked in most cases.