It looks like I am going to end up with a series of “Dear Matt Cutts” blog posts over the next several days. Try searching for “retirement homes in Attleborough” and you will probably come across the following set of results, see the screenshot below:

Now click on the link and you will land on a really interesting, useful and highly engaging landing page, the landing page is one of the most useful out there on the Internet, compelling content and what not, you know, here is a screenshot:

Google, are you kidding me? A blank page that has nothing – ranks? The webpage is not even indexed!

Get .Gov citations and you will rank with a blank page

Obviously, I had to look into this result a little deeper. Looking at the citations for this particular business, I discovered there are 71 in total. There is however one interesting thing about these citations, turns out that 21 of their citations are from websites, see below:


So there you have it, you can have a blank page ranked on the first page on the map listings if you have citations from .gov websites.

Pretty straight forward! No need to create compelling content? No need to create an awesome landing page!


Matt Cutts has acknowledged this on Twitter: