In an official blog post titled Search quality highlights: 52 changes for April, Matt Cutts announced that Google introduced a change to its algorithm because “sometimes search returns too many results from the same domain”. He stated that “this change helps surface content from a more diverse set of domains.”

I know of way too many examples indicating that this change hasn’t been effective at all but in this blog post I will only highlight one example that really gets on my nerves.

Search for “care homes in staffordshire” and you will get the following result. There are 9 results from the same domain name as you can see in the screenshot, 8 of which are dominating the top results. How is this domain diversity?

Well, you have looked at the first page but what is happening on the second page for the same query? You get another 5 set of results from the same domain that is dominating the first page. Here is the screenshot:

Want to see something even more shocking? Look at the third page, the entire page is full of results from a single domain name.

There is no such thing as “domain diversity” by the looks of it, looks like if a site produces a ton of filtered pages then they can simply own the SERPs.


Matt Cutts has acknowledged this on Twitter: