By now I think we have all heard of the new AdWords feature Customer Match (this is the ability to upload an email list as a targeting method within AdWords), however we are only just scratching the surface with what we can do with these campaigns in a creative sense.

One idea that has been floating around our agency since the release of Google’s Customer Match is the segregation of your email list by name. Now, this isn’t an inherently new idea as Coca-Cola used name data on the internet streaming service 4OD in order to include the watcher’s name in their ‘Share A Coke With…’ campaign – using the watcher’s name generated an interaction rate 44% higher than the average for the iVoD advert formats.

With these increased interaction rates, you’d be mad not to try it, right? Well, this is what’s been at the centre of the agency’s debates: would seeing an advert tailored to your name encourage you to purchase, or would you feel like it’s an invasion of your private data?

Personally, I’m on the side of people who would be more inclined to click an advert that included the advert text: ‘Richard, We Have Great Deals Just For You’. However, my warped view of the search landscape may have something to do with this!

We know there will always be two sides of the online data privacy argument: the people who are always logged into their accounts and connected everywhere versus the people who are reluctant to give up their information online and will only use ecommerce retailers that offer guest checkouts etc.

The people that fall on the latter part of the argument would probably be put off by these personalised adverts, and this will isolate a few people that may have potentially bought items if they had been served via a generic advert. However, I think the increased engagement from people who would find this type of advert intriguing would outweigh the small number of people who would be put off by it.

How do you feel adverts like this would perform? Would you be more or less likely to purchase an item from an advert that addressed you personally? Whether you’re a professional marketer, a consumer or business owner – we’d love to know what you think!