Constantly checking website’s rankings and performance is one of the most time consuming jobs in the day-to-day operations of an SEO engineer so tools are generally used to save time and increase performance. Cognitive SEO is one such tool.

ElevateLocal had an opportunity to preview Cognitive’s SEO software this week which has some advanced features often missing from SEO tools.

The software offers all the obvious features provided by most SEO tools including a few additions:

  • Rank checking and tracking
  • Link analysis, management and previews
  • Website and link classification
  • Content Categorisation
  • SEO project management and to-do lists

CognitiveSEO provides intergration with MajesticSEO, SEOmoz, Twitter, and FaceBook which can help save time and give a more complete overview of actual performance as apposed to relying on one metric such as page rank or authority.

Overall, the software presents the information in a nice visual format and Cognitive seem to understand user experience a little better than some of its competitors.

Link Previews

It may seem like information overload at times as there is a lot of data to go through but If you enjoying analysing site performance and comparing data you will find this tool very useful; casual webmasters or developers may find this to be somewhat excessive.

According to Cognetive’s blog:

It took us 2 years to turn the paper sketches, into the remarkable software that it is today.

As internet based development moves at such a fast pace, a 2 year development timeline is a rare thing these days which I’m sure has played a big part in making CognitiveSEO the polished program it is today.

Pricing plans are in line with similar tools so don’t expect any surprises there but custom plans are available which is generally not offered by competing tools.

Most SEO tools offer a free trial to test the product and CognitiveSEO is no different. I would suggest taking advantage of the trial before making any commitments as it may not appeal, or be useful, for everyone.

To find out more or try out the program, visit:
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