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The definitive guide to influencer marketing

Influence. What does it really mean today? When you think of influence, do you conjure the powers of persuasion, do you relate it to a person, or do you picture a bunch of bullshitters who get paid to say stuff? It may sound harsh, but since the term influence became less of a verb and more […]

6 min read Bethanie Mardon Learn more

Preparing for a Public Talk

Transcript Now, this is something I’ve wanted to share with you all for ages. That is because I’m going to confide in you, I find giving public talks absolutely terrifying. Have done for my whole career. What I’ve done for 20 years now is I’ve read books on it, I’ve had coaching, I’ve been on […]

17 min read Sam Garrity

Five Commandments for Brands Considering Marketing With Purpose

Good afternoon everybody. Today, I’m going to share with you five commandments for brands that are considering venturing on the brave path of marketing with purpose. Now, some of you will have seen various creative entering the market recently, where the brand has elected to pursue a message that has purpose at its very core. […]

6 min read Sam Garrity

What to expect in digital marketing in 2017

Desktop in decline, blurred lines, Facebook Messenger to be critical, voice search means the winner takes all, and a flight towards attributability. Before speculating on the future it would be wise to take a look back, in the hope that it shines a light on the direction we are heading in. The recent UK digital […]

4 min read Sam Garrity

How to Optimise your Instagram Presence

Boasting over 400 million users worldwide, Instagram is a highly influential social media platform. With a range of active users who engage with images and videos, Instagram provides an opportunity for your brand to reach new audiences. But how can you utilise this platform to the best of your ability to build an audience and […]

6 min read Alex Edwards

Doing Measurement Frameworks The Right Way

What is a measurement framework? Not all metrics were created equal. While the number of pages viewed by users could be considered critically important for a publisher generating revenue from ad impressions, the very same metric is relatively meaningless for a lead generation website. Unless you can consistently pin down the numbers that matter to […]

5 min read Rhys Jackson