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1 | Strategy in the time of Coronavirus

During the Coronavirus outbreak, we will be sharing thoughts and ideas with our clients every week, about how we can work together to meet the marketing and business challenges that Coronavirus has created. Whilst people’s health and wellbeing is the number one priority, the success of businesses will determine if those same people have jobs to come back to. Helping our clients weather the storm and emerge intact is the subject of these posts, we hope you find some value in them too.

2 min read Matt Andrews Learn more

Facebook launch Shops ‘a new online shopping experience’

The quick version – 1 minute read Facebook have launched Facebook Shops; an evolution of the existing Page Shops Shops is native ecommerce within Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and Messenger It is being rolled out gradually this year and not currently available to all retailers You will need to consider investing in the following areas of […]

3 min read Jack Chape

Practical examples of dark social

Hello everyone, my name’s Joe Buzzard. I’m a content strategist here at Rocket Mill, and today I’m going to be talking to you about the art of darkness, practical examples of dark social. If anyone gets that literary reference, then I love you. What is Dark Social? So just a quick recap. Dark social is […]

7 min read Joe Buzzard

Marketing to Generation Z

Hello everyone. My name is Ellen Stephenson and I’m a content executive here at RocketMilll. Today, I want to talk about marketing to Generation Z the do’s and don’ts or as what I think would be more aptly named ‘marketing to Generations Z avoca-do’s and avoca-don’ts’. Worked a lot better in my mind. Also, just […]

4 min read Creative

What dark social is & why you shouldn’t be afraid of It

Transcript Hello everyone. I’m Joe Buzzard. I’m a Content Strategist for RocketMill, and today I’m going to talk to you about dark social, specifically about what it is, shed some light on some of the dark social platforms, and hopefully give you some inspiring ideas to help you succeed. What is dark social? So first […]

4 min read Joe Buzzard

Can a brand be safe on YouTube?

Hi everyone. For the benefits of our external audience, I want to do a quick introduction. My name is Sam Garrity and I’m the Managing Director here at RocketMill. Now, this week, we advertised one of our clients for the very first time in a non-brand-safe fashion on YouTube. That experience has compelled me to […]

5 min read Sam Garrity

Facebook’s latest news feed update & what this means for brands

Hi, everyone. I’m Sian Leaker. I’m head of Strategy and Planning here at RocketMill. Today I’m going to talk to you about a big change that Facebook announced in January to the way it’s going to handle content and its newsfeed. I’m going to talk today about what’s led up to that change, what it […]

7 min read Strategy and Planning

Telly is dead, long live Facebook TV

A week after Facebook TV or Facebook Watch launched in the US I wanted to talk about the effects on traditional linear TV and if Facebook can make a go of winning revenue from the big brands. To start and to do the launch justice, I’m going to cheat a little bit and show you […]

5 min read Marc Young

From Oscars to Oreos: the huge potential of real time ads

As a marketer I understand the importance of capturing as many “micro moments” as possible – however, it isn’t always easy capturing your audience throughout every journey they have online. With the beta release of Google’s real-time ads, this might get a whole lot easier. The idea behind real-time ads is to plug your adverts […]

2 min read Rhys Jackson

Facebook Audience Optimisation explained

Facebook have released a new organic tool to help publishers improve the reach and engagement of their ads. Available on all English language pages, the new Audience Optimisation tool uses three features to improve the organic reach of Facebook advertising: Preferred Audiences, Audience Restrictions, and Audience Insights. Preferred audience The Preferred Audience feature replaces Interest […]

3 min read Travis Eyles