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Google Algorithm Update: January 2020

Update: We have updated this article to reflect the Google January 2020 Core Update” Google announced that it is releasing a core broad update named the January 2020 Core Update. Google repeated their previous advice on core updates.  Early analysis from the SEO industry suggests that impact was significant. Later today, we are releasing a […]

9 min read John Truong Learn more

The importance of Facebook Ads Relevancy and how to increase your ranking.

Facebook recently released a new scoring system that is focused on ensuring that engaging, interesting and relevant ads are shown to users, and about time too. But from a marketer’s perspective since Facebook and Instagram have become cluttered platforms, it has become increasingly challenging to stop the scrolling thumb with our ads. The scoring system […]

2 min read Rosie Barrett

It’s Time to Buy Podcast Ads

I believe that podcasts are going to be a significant part of digital advertising within the next three years, not because they’re anything new because podcasts certainly aren’t anything new, but because I believe that the podcast audience is arguably one of the most engaged set of users that we are able to target with […]

2 min read Travis Eyles

Are You Wasting Your Paid Search Spend?

When carrying out these tests, there are three key things to think about. Stick to the scientific method. It works. Paid Media gives us the flexibility to test so many things, including ad creative, targeting options and audiences. With such a range of options, it can be tempting to dive right in and start testing […]

3 min read Deyna Lavery

Why CPA is an outdated metric to measure success

Working in Paid Media, I have conversations about CPA, CPL and direct ROI on a daily basis. But the world is changing, and companies which focus solely on last-click CPA as a measure of success will soon find themselves out-competed by smarter brands taking a holistic view of their sales funnel. Think of it this […]

3 min read Charlotte Hill

A guide to advertising on Amazon

My name’s Steven Lambert I work here in the paid media team at RocketMill. I’m gonna talk to you today about a guide to advertising on Amazon. More and more companies today are getting online and they’re starting to diversify their channels. So we’re gonna look at Amazon as an example today. We’re gonna start […]

10 min read Steven Lambert

The era of people based marketing

Hello everyone, my name is Mat, I’m a paid media director and I work at RocketMill. I’m going to take a moment to talk to you about how we’re in an era of people based marketing. Since inception, advertisers have focused on the media rather than the person. Let me explain to you what I […]

7 min read Mathew Williams

The (cognitive) shortcuts to making more money

Transcript Hi everyone. My name’s Jack Chape and I’m a paid media campaign manager here at Rocketmill, and today I want to talk to you about how applying simple behavioural science to your campaigns can make you more money. Now it’s Friday afternoon here at Rocketmill HQ. I know everyone’s dying to slope off and […]

8 min read Jack Chape

Are we paying too high a price for the free internet?

Good afternoon everyone. For the benefit of our external audience, my name is Sam Garrity and I’m the Managing Director here at RocketMill. This afternoon I want you to ask yourselves, are we paying too high a price for the free internet? And to help you along, I’m going to do a fair bit of […]

7 min read Sam Garrity

Bringing viewability up to date

Hi, I’m John Shepherd of the strategy and planning team here at Rocket Mill, welcome to my forefront today, which is going to be around the topic of viewability. What some might consider the slightly old-fashioned point of view, or at least quite an unfashionable view. ‘Cause I don’t really consider viewability to be a […]

7 min read John Shepherd

The modern magic of dynamic creative

Transcript Hi everybody, my name is Ian Flynn. I’m the head of creative solutions here at RocketMill. Today I’m going to talk to you about the modern magic of dynamic creative. It’s a magical place where data and creative combine, where feeds and fonts become as one, and spreadsheets and drop shadows work together in […]

9 min read Ian Flynn