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We sold RocketMill today.

We started this journey 11 years ago with a desire to help small businesses win online and today we serve some of the best brands around with a celebrated focus on our culture. Our success means we field weekly unsolicited interest to buy us from networks, large indys and private equity. Our decision making framework in […]

2 min read Sam Garrity Learn more

Planning for when the cookie crumbles.

Some marketers will take a “wait and see” attitude, allowing events to unfold before fully understanding what will not be possible when third party cookies are finally banished.This is not an advisable path. Here’s an essential read on where the industry is heading and what you need to do to prepare.

10 min read Rhys Jackson

Rebel Energy plans 2021 launch with the appointment of RocketMill

The Rebel with a cause, the company doing energy differently is gearing up for it’s launch into the market this year and have appointed RocketMill to support their marketing effort. Rebel Energy is a UK energy supplier that is transforming the very business model of what it is to be an energy company, they are […]

3 min read Marc Young

Making the most of your Google Ad Grant

Google offers advertising grants for charities Times are tough for charities, now more than ever, and many are struggling to stay afloat with an increase in demand for services, and usual means of fundraising not possible since the COVID19 outbreak.  However, thousands of nonprofit organisations, serving a wide variety of causes such as health, education […]

3 min read Carmen Urquhart

BuyaCar unveils new Confidence positioning as part of brand overhaul

Selling cars entirely online and delivering to the customer’s door may be the latest trend in motor retail, but BuyaCar has done it since 2002. With more than 24,000 deliveries since then, to the value of £300m, BuyaCar recently turned to RocketMill to help them cement their place as market leader. The immediate aim was […]

3 min read Bianca May

Why we should change how we think about personalised advertising.

Personalisation. A buzzword up there with the best of them. It’s difficult to think of a time where personalisation wasn’t a topic of conversation in our industry, in one capacity or another. And for good reason, it certainly has some allure. A targeted ad that addresses my individual needs on a one to one level […]

4 min read Ian Flynn

Facebook Ads Relevancy and increasing your ranking: RocketMill Moment

Facebook recently released a new scoring system that is focused on ensuring that engaging, interesting and relevant ads are shown to users, and about time too. But from a marketer’s perspective since Facebook and Instagram have become cluttered platforms, it has become increasingly challenging to stop the scrolling thumb with our ads.

2 min read Rosie Barrett

It’s Time to Buy Podcast Ads: RocketMill Moment

With 42% of users spending their time on their mobile devices to consume podcasts, Travis explains why ad placements on podcasts is the smart choice for tapping into a relevant, highly engaged audience and providing a welcomed immersive experience to them.

3 min read Travis Eyles

Are You Wasting Your Paid Search Spend?

When carrying out these tests, there are three key things to think about. Stick to the scientific method. It works. Paid Media gives us the flexibility to test so many things, including ad creative, targeting options and audiences. With such a range of options, it can be tempting to dive right in and start testing […]

3 min read Deyna Lavery

Why CPA is an outdated metric to measure success

Working in Paid Media, I have conversations about CPA, CPL and direct ROI on a daily basis. But the world is changing, and companies which focus solely on last-click CPA as a measure of success will soon find themselves out-competed by smarter brands taking a holistic view of their sales funnel. Think of it this […]

3 min read Charlotte Hill

A guide to advertising on Amazon

My name’s Steven Lambert I work here in the paid media team at RocketMill. I’m gonna talk to you today about a guide to advertising on Amazon. More and more companies today are getting online and they’re starting to diversify their channels. So we’re gonna look at Amazon as an example today. We’re gonna start […]

10 min read Steven Lambert