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We sold RocketMill today.

We started this journey 11 years ago with a desire to help small businesses win online and today we serve some of the best brands around with a celebrated focus on our culture. Our success means we field weekly unsolicited interest to buy us from networks, large indys and private equity. Our decision making framework in […]

2 min read Sam Garrity Learn more

Planning for when the cookie crumbles.

Some marketers will take a “wait and see” attitude, allowing events to unfold before fully understanding what will not be possible when third party cookies are finally banished.This is not an advisable path. Here’s an essential read on where the industry is heading and what you need to do to prepare.

10 min read Rhys Jackson

Rebel Energy plans 2021 launch with the appointment of RocketMill

The Rebel with a cause, the company doing energy differently is gearing up for it’s launch into the market this year and have appointed RocketMill to support their marketing effort. Rebel Energy is a UK energy supplier that is transforming the very business model of what it is to be an energy company, they are […]

3 min read Marc Young

The new Google Analytics is here

Google Analytics 4 On October 14th Google announced that their Google Analytics App+Web properties were being rebranded to Google Analytics 4. We feel this very much sets the tone for where Google will be focusing their efforts in the future and you may be wondering what this means for you and your current Google Analytics […]

< 1 min read Aimee Hart

Cookies and the GDPR: RocketMill Moment

This month the European Court of Justice provided further clarification around the GDPR and there was a couple of really interesting points that stood out to me: Pre-ticked boxes that assume consent in terms of a user are no longer a valid form of consent It now does not matter whether the Cookies that you […]

< 1 min read Sam Garrity

Finding the metric that matters

We’ve long advocated measurement frameworks, which give businesses a clear structure within which to benchmark their performance in the areas that matter most to them. In this talk I take that concept one step further. I believe businesses should have a relentless focus on their current pain points, represented by the most appropriate metric. Naturally, […]

< 1 min read Rhys Jackson

How to use data in your content strategy

Transcript Hello, everybody. My name’s Jon. I’m the Head of Content here at RocketMill, and today, I’m going to talk to you a little bit about how you can use data in your content strategy, but also, when you should ignore it. How important is data with your content? Data’s brilliant. We all love data, […]

8 min read Creative

How custom campaign tagging destroys data attribution

Hi, I’m Jon Hibbit, Data Analyst. Today I’m going to talk to you about three ways custom campaign tagging can destroy your data in Google Analytics. What is custom campaign tagging? I’m going to introduce to you custom campaign tagging, I know a lot of you know what this is already, but I’m going to go […]

5 min read Jon Hibbitt

Achieving focus with data

Today we’re going to be talking about achieving focus with data. Before we crack on with that I thought we’d play a little game to see who knows what this is? Metallica yeah. It’s the 1988 final cover to Metallica’s single for One, which was famously on And Justice For All album, I’m sure you […]

3 min read Rhys Jackson

Reducing bias in your data analysis

Hi everybody, I’m Neil from the Data and Insight team here at RocketMill and today I’m going to be talking about how to reduce bias in your data analysis. Now this is a subject that I’m really passionate about, and this is because bias influences every piece of data that we analyse. Not only that, […]

6 min read Neil Barnes

How to analyse Google Analytics data outside of Google Analytics

Transcript Hi everybody. I’m Neil from the Data and Insight Team, and today I’m going to share some new insight into digital analytics, which is ‘Google Analytics without Google Analytics’. So, if we cast our minds back to 2012, Google stated that there were as many as 10 million websites utilising Google Analytics. Now, does […]

8 min read Neil Barnes