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1 | Strategy in the time of Coronavirus

During the Coronavirus outbreak, we will be sharing thoughts and ideas with our clients every week, about how we can work together to meet the marketing and business challenges that Coronavirus has created. Whilst people’s health and wellbeing is the number one priority, the success of businesses will determine if those same people have jobs to come back to. Helping our clients weather the storm and emerge intact is the subject of these posts, we hope you find some value in them too.

2 min read Matt Andrews Learn more

Creating a powerful video

In my talk, I discuss the benefits of using video to engage your audience, but how do we make a good video into a great video? Nowadays, stories are commonly told through video, but we have a problem. The digital age has left us with a shorter attention span. Before mobiles, we were able to […]

2 min read Catrin Owen

Is the West best?

This technology enabled some fantastic new opportunities for marketers. A few of my favourite examples from my time there are shoppable subway ads (oddly enough part of a campaign for Tesco’s ill-fated Asian expansion), and EMart’s mind-boggling sundial QR Code which is only scannable between 12-1pm when the right shadows are cast, unlocking offers designed […]

2 min read Creative

The definitive guide to influencer marketing

Influence. What does it really mean today? When you think of influence, do you conjure the powers of persuasion, do you relate it to a person, or do you picture a bunch of bullshitters who get paid to say stuff? It may sound harsh, but since the term influence became less of a verb and more […]

6 min read Bethanie Mardon

Augmented reality: powerful person-centric marketing

What is augmented reality? In my talk you’ll get a clear definition of what augmented reality is and how it is changing marketing. You could read a lot of long-winded definitions but simply put augmented reality, or AR, places digital images into the real world. Augmented reality is a superpower for brands AR has predominantly […]

3 min read Creative

The importance of owning your platform

Hello everybody. My name’s Jon Norris. I’m the Head of Content here at RocketMill. Today I want to talk to you about the importance of owning your own platform. The rise and fall of… I wanted to start with something of a cautionary tale. The story is about a publisher that you’ve probably heard of. […]

7 min read Creative

Introducing personalisation to your creative strategy

Transcript Hi everyone. My name is Ian Flynn. I am the head of creative solutions here at RocketMill. I’ve been at RocketMill for about seven years now. Started off just as a web designer. I started off before that just doing print, and I’ve managed to kind of get to a point now where using […]

15 min read Ian Flynn

Using the power of emotion to help social change

Transcript Hi everyone. My name’s Scott and I’m a senior digital designer here at RocketMill. The thing is, with designers people usually find us quite friendly. We’re friendly folk, we often live in our own little designer bubble and we often wear funky shirts. But I feel our most commendable quality is our strong desire […]

5 min read Scott Millar

How to use data in your content strategy

Transcript Hello, everybody. My name’s Jon. I’m the Head of Content here at RocketMill, and today, I’m going to talk to you a little bit about how you can use data in your content strategy, but also, when you should ignore it. How important is data with your content? Data’s brilliant. We all love data, […]

8 min read Creative

Content Marketing 101

Transcript Hello everybody, my name’s Jon Norris, I’m the Head of Content here at RocketMill. Today, I wanted to walk you through some real content marketing basics, so I’ve called my talk today: ‘Content Marketing 101’. Not a lot of people know this, but when you go to content marketing school there are three – […]

7 min read Creative

Why destroying content is as important as creating it

Transcript I might regret asking you guys this, but what do you think me, Ben, Jon and other content marketers actually do? I was hoping that someone would say something like: “Write amazing copy for the web; which is obviously correct. But, what a lot of people don’t realise is that now, an increasingly important […]

3 min read Rowena Heal