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1 | Strategy in the time of Coronavirus

During the Coronavirus outbreak, we will be sharing thoughts and ideas with our clients every week, about how we can work together to meet the marketing and business challenges that Coronavirus has created. Whilst people’s health and wellbeing is the number one priority, the success of businesses will determine if those same people have jobs to come back to. Helping our clients weather the storm and emerge intact is the subject of these posts, we hope you find some value in them too.

2 min read Matt Andrews Learn more

How to boss brand reputation management

Transcript Hello everybody. Today, I’m going to speak to you about how to boss brand reputation management. Now, I don’t know if you all know this, but I actually used to be the Brand Reputation Manager for a very reputable travel company…which actually went bust six months after I left them – but I actually […]

7 min read Rowena Heal

Why brands need to become more politically relevant

This afternoon, with the general election on the horizon, I thought it’d be a great opportunity to talk to you about why I think brands will increasingly need to become politically relevant. I’m going to share with you some things I think they should be mindful of as they go on that journey. We are […]

5 min read Sam Garrity

Digital transformation: a rough guide

So today, I wanted to talk to you all about digital transformation. The reason I’ve chosen this subject is because quite a few of our large clients are actually going through digital transformation at the moment, and we’ve started to get involved in their planning and the activities around it. What I want to talk […]

7 min read Strategy and Planning

The key challenge for digital marketing in 2017

Back in Don Draper’s day agencies were primarily full service. They made a lot of revenue carrying out media planning and buying activities, and in some cases they even threw the creative in as added value. Remember, this was the day of the macho Marlboro man on horseback – simple creative that made its way […]

3 min read Sam Garrity

5 Steps to managing and improving your brand reputation

A video recently went viral of a police officer pepper spraying a group of students peacefully protesting outside a Californian university. The incident happened back in 2011. The reason it’s only just been exposed? The university paid consultants over £100k to ‘eradicate references’ to it across search results. Now, before you go thinking this is […]

6 min read Rowena Heal

Giving products away for reviews: a guide

Companies of all kinds have long given independent bloggers free samples of their products so they can be reviewed (hopefully positively) and increase their audience and ultimately their customer base. As a marketing investment, it’s relatively low-risk for a company confident in its product – the cost of a single unit is nothing when you […]

3 min read Technical SEO