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We sold RocketMill today.

We started this journey 11 years ago with a desire to help small businesses win online and today we serve some of the best brands around with a celebrated focus on our culture. Our success means we field weekly unsolicited interest to buy us from networks, large indys and private equity. Our decision making framework in […]

2 min read Sam Garrity Learn more

What blood and denim can teach us about interrogating a brief

Transcript My name is Helen McLane and I’m a client strategy director here at RocketMill. Today I want to talk to you about one of the most important steps you need to take when designing a successful strategy, taking the time to step back and really identify what your problem is that you need to […]

6 min read Helen McLane

How to improve your digital marketing

Hi everyone. I’m Sian Leaker, I’m Head of Strategy and Planning here RocketMill. Today, I’m going to tell you a very simple way that you can improve your digital marketing. Before we get into that, a little bit of a history lesson, first of all, to set the scene. We’re going to start with the […]

6 min read Strategy and Planning

“Doing the right thing” with your digital advertising

Transcript I’m Joanne South, I’m a Client Strategy Director here at RocketMill, and my presentation today is called: “Do the right thing”. This is actually off the back of a statement made by the Chief Marketing Officer of Unilever, in February, at IAB’s annual international conference. There’s been a lot of press coverage around this, […]

9 min read Joanne South

Why brand values matter

Hi, everyone. My name is Cat, and I work in the RocketMill Content Team as a Senior Content Strategist. Today, I’m going to talk to you today about something that I mentioned in one of my previous talks: The Art of Editorial Guides. In that talk, I mentioned two other things as well. I mentioned […]

8 min read Creative

Don’t believe the stereotype

Transcript Good afternoon everyone. Today I’m going to be talking about: “Don’t believe the stereotype”. Recently, it was reported in the news that the Advertising Standards Authority are going to crack down on negative gender stereotypes. And this particular advert, here, got slated for portraying a girl as being a ballet dancer, or growing up […]

4 min read Bertram Greenhough

How to boss brand reputation management

Transcript Hello everybody. Today, I’m going to speak to you about how to boss brand reputation management. Now, I don’t know if you all know this, but I actually used to be the Brand Reputation Manager for a very reputable travel company…which actually went bust six months after I left them – but I actually […]

7 min read Rowena Heal

Why brands need to become more politically relevant

This afternoon, with the general election on the horizon, I thought it’d be a great opportunity to talk to you about why I think brands will increasingly need to become politically relevant. I’m going to share with you some things I think they should be mindful of as they go on that journey. We are […]

5 min read Sam Garrity

Digital transformation: a rough guide

So today, I wanted to talk to you all about digital transformation. The reason I’ve chosen this subject is because quite a few of our large clients are actually going through digital transformation at the moment, and we’ve started to get involved in their planning and the activities around it. What I want to talk […]

7 min read Strategy and Planning

The key challenge for digital marketing in 2017

Back in Don Draper’s day agencies were primarily full service. They made a lot of revenue carrying out media planning and buying activities, and in some cases they even threw the creative in as added value. Remember, this was the day of the macho Marlboro man on horseback – simple creative that made its way […]

3 min read Sam Garrity

5 Steps to managing and improving your brand reputation

A video recently went viral of a police officer pepper spraying a group of students peacefully protesting outside a Californian university. The incident happened back in 2011. The reason it’s only just been exposed? The university paid consultants over £100k to ‘eradicate references’ to it across search results. Now, before you go thinking this is […]

6 min read Rowena Heal