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The brief

As the world’s leading manufacturer of new energy vehicles, BYD wanted to increase brand awareness of BYD SEAL ahead of their sponsorship of the UEFA Euros 2024.

To navigate the cookieless web and ensure successful campaign measurement, BYD partnered with RocketMill to identify an adtech solution that would enable them to effectively reach and engage the over 50% of online audiences previously unreachable due to Apple’s privacy-focused features that limit campaign tracking.

How we did it

Wanting to showcase the various USPs of the BYD SEAL in an high impact, interactive way, we found the perfect solution with Quantcast. Their rich lightbox format, which expands into the centre of a webpage screen, enables audiences to interact directly and learn more about the car’s innovative features. To assess the impact of this cookieless advertising on premium sites suited to BYD’s target audience, a brand lift study was then carried out.



The Results

The campaign resulted in a significant awareness lift of 46%, with greatest impact on 18-34-year-old audiences, reaching a 47% lift.

Beyond identifying their ideal audience, BYD’s campaign also revealed that larger creatives on desktop devices performed best. Previously unattributable Safari users also proved to be some of the highest performing segments amongst targeted users.

David Wreford-Glanvill, Head of Media, BYD

“Cookieless inventory is imperative to drive maximum reach and broadcast BYD’s brand message to the biggest audience possible, but it’s pointless to target these environments if you can’t measure the effectiveness. With this solution we were able to deliver and measure this incremental reach and act on it for future campaigns.”

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