Account Director

Salary: £45,000 – £75,000. + bonus, + profit share.

Due to our continued success we are now recruiting for an Account Director to shepherd campaigns for several noteworthy brands.

The interview process

We’ll kick off with a 15-minute phone interview to assess your suitability for the role. If you’re successful, we’ll invite you for a short interview at our office. The final step is a competency test and group interview.

If you pass, the job is yours!

What is required to be successful at RocketMill

We require a certain attitude from you – the type of attitude that you cannot teach people; one that is conscientious, professional and infectious. We require you to be passionate about digital marketing and recognise that we are fortunate to be working in amongst the most dynamic sector possible right now.

In short we like working with people that give us energy, and that enjoy their work.

We also expect you to adhere to our core value set of being human, having integrity, being brave in your work and then being accountable both internally and externally.

Role overview

Your role is to place our clients at the heart of the agency whilst owning several client campaigns.

As a member of the Strategic Services team you will be seen as ‘the client’ within our agency and will therefore be representing the client across all elements of our work.

To execute this role you will need to have and develop a well-rounded digital marketing skillset with a thorough understanding of all channels regardless of whether RocketMill offer them.

The role covers briefings, creating successful digital strategies, internal and external communication, reporting and product development. To work successfully across these areas you will need to be highly organised, command respect from clients and RocketMill staff, be an excellent communicator, and have the ability to nurture client relationships so that you are seen as a trusted advisor.

You will personally be responsible for a set of our largest campaigns, being ultimately responsible for retaining and growing them over the medium to long term.

Your good work of within Strategic Services should result in many clients becoming ambassadors for RocketMill.

The remainder of this spec covers each area you will be responsible for.

Strategic planning

In order to develop the right strategy for a client you will need to formulate the correct briefing process. This will involve making sure our Business Development team are armed with your requirements during their initial interactions with clients.

You will need to discover the true ambitions of our clients and then map a digital strategy to achieve them. It is at this stage that our clients should feel the full weight of your digital marketing expertise as we expect you to advise them on areas  other than our core services (if it is appropriate for their brief).

You will need to formulate a process and documentation for developing successful strategies with clients. This will involve, but not be limited to, data analysis, channel choice, forecasting, and reporting.

Above all you will need to immerse yourself in their business in order to understand it, consult on it and then become an extension of it.

Internal communication

The crux of your internal communication will be handled around our agile framework. We work in two week sprints. These begin with a planning day, where you will communicate the work required of the team along with a health check on the client performance; then we scrum as a team each day thereafter, where we identify and discuss any road blocks on workflow.

Internally you will be seen as ‘the client’. This means you need to have absolute confidence in what is being done in each team and to co-ordinate it effectively, in the knowledge that it will achieve the results you have forecast for your clients

You will also need to work with our Business Development team to implement a successful handover process for new clients that will be falling under your remit. This will involve you supporting during a pitch and then successfully on-boarding new clients via client immersion, setting client KPI’s, reporting structures, SLA’s and a prioritised plan of work.

External communication

You will be expected to earn our clients respect and trust.

You will be expected to immerse yourself in your clients businesses, feeling to them as though you are an extension of their team.

We expect you to formulate a process for client communication. This will encompass scheduled communication such as status meetings, conference calls, and reporting. You will also need to undertake ad-hoc communication informing the client of new marketing/technological developments and exciting ideas on their campaign. Your clients need to feel the momentum behind your campaign, be clear on the workflow, and understand the data based results it is yielding against their forecast.

You will need to supplement professional communication with a softer approach. This means getting to know your clients on a personal level via client entertainment. You will also need to protect our long term interests by developing relationships with multiple stakeholders within the clients business (you will be supported by Directors on this when requested).

Doing all of this well will result in RocketMill achieving a position of trust with the client, therefore placing us in control of our clients and our campaign work.

Campaign development

You will need to craft campaign development plans (CDP’s) that are designed to yield better results for our clients whilst successfully growing their revenue with RocketMill. These may involve higher fees in order to secure more resource towards their existing campaign, cross selling into other services, or the adoption of new services that RocketMill develop.

These CDP’s will be composed with the best interests of your client’s front-of-mind and will be communicated by you to your clients.


You will need to work with each client to ensure we provide the right reporting. You will need to report on data (analytics and forecasts), and workflow. Your reporting will be insightful and educational for the client.

Internally you will need to report on campaign health each week, and on campaign threats and opportunities each month.

Product development

Your knowledge of digital marketing coupled with the client dialogue you undertake will inevitably lead to you unearthing opportunities for RocketMill. You will need to consistently consider new products or services that clients need and that we should consider developing.

You will be expected to feed into product development via dialogue with Directors however you will not have overall responsibility for it.


We will judge your performance on the retention of your clients and the revenue growth from them.

We will expect you to retain 80% of your clients on an annual basis, and will judge this each quarter by evaluating the previous 12 months. We will take into account extenuating circumstances such as a client’s business ceasing trading.

We will expect you to grow revenue from your existing clients by 12.5% per year.


To receive your bonus you will need to meet your KPI’s each quarter.

Once you have owned a client relationship for six months you will start to receive 2.5% of their RocketMill campaign fees on an on-going basis.

This will not include elements that we may pay to third parties such as Google for PPC spend.

Our calculations will be based upon revenue received (cash) rather than invoiced value, and be paid to you quarterly.

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Why Work With Us

Aside from our engaging environment, culture and client work, we offer many staff benefits including:

  • Flexible working hours
  • 90 minutes for lunch
  • An early Friday finish every quarter
  • Profit share
  • Gym membership or private health care
  • 23 days holiday (rising to 29) + bank holidays
  • Sabbaticals
  • A pension, contributed to by us
  • Free massages
  • Free 1-2-1 confidential coaching sessions on any subject you choose
  • Amazing company events every three months (recently events include the Crystal Maze and a ‘street’ dance-off)
  • A cycle to work scheme
  • Free beer on Fridays
  • A personal development plan to ensure you keep growing, with up to £2,000 of external training provided
  • Free ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions
  • AND transparency – we’ll tell you everything – you will know our financials to the pound on all areas of our business, and then be able to play an active part in shaping our promising future

We then monitor your happiness and engagement so that we can be proactive in making our agency a suitable environment that you flourish within.

Our Bible

We have a unique set of values here at RocketMill that we have enshrined in our very own Bible. We use our Bible to educate new staff, guide our professional lives and to appraise our performance.

Told as a story, our Bible walks you through some significant moments in the life of our mascot/messiah (‘Trajectory’ or ‘TJ’), before explaining the significance of them to our lives here at RocketMill.

View our Bible