With Google+ steaming ahead the last two weeks it has already reported nearing 10 million users. The quickest rate for any social network to have taken off.

They are still working on the ability to set gender as private in response to feedback from users.  It is early days for their features and Google are busy getting these out as soon as they can and are bringing timelines forward.

Google have asked businesses to delay creating their profile as they are working on more features which will include deep analytics with the ability to connect into AdWords. This was planned to be rolled out over the next few months but Google are moving more quickly now and intend to announce a group of partners next week for the initial testing period.

Interest by business has been so huge that they have been forced to accelerate their plans.

Google have opened up a spreadsheet (deadline to register today) where non-user identities can apply for the business program. Of course some businesses have registered their profile already but what does a giant business like Ford put in answer to the gender question?

Best wait guys if you are considering registering your business profile when Google+ have ironed out the kinks.