Google have certainly got their work cut out with Google+ and battling the social networking giants Facebook is no small task. They have tried before and failed, but signs with Google+ look more promising. One of the ways Google is trying to outperform its rivals is with its brand pages.

The problem is that Advertisers drive traffic to their Facebook pages to promote their brand, but they are unable to track post-click engagement. Therefore they can’t qualify their spend, and can only guess the return from their expenditure.

In a month or 2 Google will launch its own version of branded pages. Below are a few examples of how Google can create a better brand experience for advertisers.


Google has the possibility to promote Google+ brand pages in its search results. Similar to a verified twitter account they could display a small icon next to the listing, or even display the results in their own section. Search benefits would likely be the strongest reason for brands to adopt a Google+ brand page.


Back to my previous comment about post-click engagement, I believe Google will allow more control over ads placed on branded pages. Allowing advertisers the ability to track clicks back to their website and other places will greatly increase the accountability of their expenditure.


It would be silly for Google not to permit analytics on its branded pages. Providing advertisers with the in depth detail of analytics allows them to create content that better suits their clients. It also allows them to measure page interaction.

Google Can Learn from Facebook

Google have the luxury of watching many companies make mistakes so they don’t have to. Facebook have had to test the water in many un-trodden areas and haven’t always got it right first time. Although Google are the late starters in the Social Networking world, it gives them the opportunity to focus their efforts and make fewer mistakes.