A new type of Structured Snippet Ad Extension to help brands push Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These are automated to start showing from 20th November and stop when Black Friday and Cyber Monday have each ended. You get 25 characters to promote the offer and can have different offers for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

It’s an acknowledgement by Google as to the importance of these days. By providing a simple way of adding these offer details to ads, it negates the need to update the main ad copy (and therefore possibly reducing ad relevance). It can be quickly applied to whole accounts or separate campaigns so makes setting up Black Friday and Cyber Mondays offers a very quick process.

How Can You Start To Use These Seasonal Ad Extensions?

Offers for Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be pre-loaded into your Adwords accounts now, so you can start to generate awareness of the promotions you are planning to run. Here are some screens to show you them in the wild.