Bing? Microsoft? Seriously?

Microsoft has made a strategic investment in Klout by signing a multi-year agreement, this effectively means that Bing is probably Klout’s biggest partner, here is what Bing’s official statement said:

“This is just the beginning of Bing and Klout’s partnership and we believe that there’s a lot of exciting opportunities when you look at deepening the integration of social search and online influence. We hope that the partnership will ultimately lead to platform enhancements that enrich the discovery and recognition of influencers on both Bing and Klout so stay tuned!”

The statement is rather interesting because it refers to deep integration of social search and online influence. Furthermore, it refers to platform – yes that dreaded word – platform! So if Klout is the right solution why didn’t they acquire Klout considering that they are looking to deeply integrate it into Bing and the wider platform?

I don’t know the answer to that question but what I do know is that measuring online influence is a farce. I am not saying that it is impossible but the vast majority of “solutions” currently available in the market are doing just one thing, measuring noise.

Noise != Influence.

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As far as Bing/Klout partnership is concerned I think this is a recipe for disaster. Bing is obviously trying to out flank Google and the only way it can do that is if it makes some brave moves. Is this a brave move? Yes it is. Is this a wise move? Time is the ultimate judge.

Good luck to both Klout and the Bing team.

Social profiles will turn into commodities and profiteering will ensue.