Bing introduces Auto Tagging within the Bing Ads interface

bing tagging along

Finally Bing Ads have released Auto Tagging for Google Analytics within the Bing interface…I wonder where they got that idea from!!

For many years we have spent an age manually tagging our Bing destination URLs so that we can track our Bing data in Google Analytics. Last year Bizible came to the rescue and released a free tool to tag Bing URLs which was a fantastic time saver, but to have everything auto tagged with one click of a button is even better.

This month (June 2014), Bing have added auto tagging to all of our Bing accounts – woohoo!

The auto tagging feature within Bing will automatically tag 4 types of UTM:

  • source
  • medium
  • term
  • campaign

Auto tagging will also tag your Sitelinks; it uses the utm_term to pull through the Sitelink text and it appends the utm_content tag to let you know it is a Sitelink.

When applying auto tagging, you can choose to replace all existing UTM tagging that you have previously applied manually or you can choose to only apply auto tagging to anything in the account that doesn’t currently contain a UTM tag.

Auto tagging can be found under the Accounts & Billing tab of your Bing account, once in the account you will need to click on EDIT under the details tab:


From here you will see the auto tagging check box:

autotagging bing

Happy Auto Tagging Everyone!