In January Rocket Mill’s PPC Team undertook a jaunt to the first Biddable World conference in London.  A welcome break to the the January blues and I have come back with reems of ideas for my campaigns. Thanks Kelvin! I have collected all the presentations and the twitter handles of the speakers.

Of particular note was the presentation by The Bear in the Boiler Suit (aka Mr Jim Banks), who did well to liven “the graveyard shift” and gave a simple 101 to standing out from the crowd. I feel his party popper party trick was overshadowed Nick’s Pink Flloyd PPC Profitability Pyramid, but the point of the presentation was proven well!

For me the highlight was the difference in approach that Nick Christian and Richard Fergie take to PPC. Nick Christian’s entertaining talk downplayed the importance of conforming to the structure that Google sanction; whilst Richard Fergie’s rigorous statistical testing was an interesting analysis of e-bays somewhat irrelevant paid search marketing. The contrast between the two presentations was interesting and gave a good indication of the width of tactics you can employ on paid search.

The presentations by Heather, Sarah and Tara were the most useful to take away to your day to day management and I look forward to seeing how social and product listings markets expand over the coming year. The display orientated talks were extremely interesting  too, especially from a psychological point of view, and I look forward to putting them into practice.

Round ups blogs seem to be everywhere though so I will stop there and let you peruse the Biddable World Online Library to collect all the speakers’ presentations & twitter handles.  I’ve never been a Twitter man myself, so I dont know the twitequette; I just hope they don’t mind me collecting them!

Of course, you need some notes to go alongside the slides, so there is a list of the best round up blogs at the end. Koozai have done a particularly extensive one! 

Twitter Handles & Presentation Slides

  •  Ben Harper : Facebook Power Editor. @benharper87

  •  Nick Christian: Black Hat PPC & The Pink Floyd Pyramid. @nickchr1stian

  •  TaraWest : Quality Score Tips. @koozai_tara

Link to Quality Score scripts:

  •  John Were : Performance Display. @john_were

  •  Ali White : Call Tracking & Universal Analytics. @calltracks

Round Ups / Take-Away / Follow Up Blogs.

  •  OKO Blog:

  • Zazzle Blog:

  • Ashley Molyneux

  • Koozai:


Looking forward to next year!