Many people believe that “social media” is about creating a Facebook page, having a Twitter profile, a YouTube channel and etc – this stance is completely wrong. Social media demands consistent and active presence. On the Social Web, if your profile isn’tup-to-date, if you’re not commenting, if you’re not making connections, you don’t exist. It would be like the “Lights on, but no one home” scenario. That seems obvious, but I point it out because I see a lot of profiles across a lot of social networks and communities that are evidently abandoned. Such profiles can damage your brand, your prestige and it makes you look little in comparison to your competition. 

Before you start building a presence on social platforms, make sure you can commit to having an open dialogue with your fans, brand loyalists, customers and prospects. There is nothing more harmful than having a silent Twitter profile, a silent Facebook business page or a Youtube channel that posts a lot of video content yet it doesn’t engage with its audience. Remember, the first word in social media is “social”. If you don’t listen, reply and have a dialogue then you are “anti social”.