SEO and digital marketing in general can seem a fast paced, complex world to the outsider. How do people keep their Penguins and Pandas straight? Who’s this “Matt Cutts” guy? Why do we care what he has to say? DO we even care what he has to say?

Thankfully for the rest of us there are some extremely intelligent people inhabiting our industry who’re happy to share their discoveries with us and make tracking the constantly evolving Holy Grail of SEO – the Google Algorithm – their business.

It’s worth noting that there are a huge number of SEO news sites in the industry, all of which I’m sure are terrific, these are just my personal favourites that help keep this humble SEO Engineer close (enough) to the cutting edge of industry news

1. Search Engine Roundtable (


The only site on the list that I make sure to check every single day without fail, SE Roundtable focuses on staying at the forefront of industry news by concentrating on breaking-news style short form bulletin posts.

SE Land often draws its stories from webmaster discussion around the web, meaning their often among the first to report rumblings in the SERPs. They also sprinkle in some lighter and more general interest stories about SEO culture including the always interesting, “Picture of the Day”.


Inbound The easiest way to describe is like Reddit for SEOs (and much better than the SEO sub-Reddit!). Articles of interest are submitted and up-voted by readers and peers who find them interesting or noteworthy.

Often as beneficial as the articles themselves are the discussions and comment threads stemming from them. frequently attracts industry “experts” who will delve into much more detail than the original article, discussing its merits and other related issues with one another. It can be overwhelming at times – but there’s a wealth of knowledge to be discovered if you stick it out!

3. Moz Blog

MozKind of cheating based on their relationship with basically giving them two spots in this list – it would still be a crime not to mention Moz Blog.

With a mix of and expert opinions from their own writers and user created “Community Blogs” Moz Blog always has something interesting to get stuck into. Their famous “Whiteboard Friday” feature with industry superstar Rand Fashkin is always worth paying attention to as well (even if you only have time to skim the transcript rather than watch the actual video. Sorry Rand – 10 minutes is a long time!).

4. Search Engine Land (

SearchEngineLandA big name in the industry thanks to their universally acclaimed conferences (Search marketing Expo or “SMX) Search Engine Land strikes a nice balance between current news and longer form, more investigative features.

Let me know which sites are your favourites for keeping up with all the latest news in SEO below!