Advanced web ranking is seo software designed to help webmasters and SEO specialists track/improve their search rankings. The software can be downloaded from their website as a free trial, and purchased as one of four options, each of which offers an appropriate level of service for a different group of users. It includes a wide variety of features which allow users to analyse and improve on their site rankings, which are described on the website so that users can get a clear idea of the potential uses of the software before signing up.

Here is a screenshot of the user interface, it is pretty neat and easy to use. (Click to enlarge)


Support and further information is offered to users via the website in a number of different ways. The forum is a useful tool for both existing and potential users – either to post problems and receive advice, or to get a feel for how the software works and other users’ experiences. The ‘common problems’ section of the forum is helpful for those trying to get an idea of how effective the software might be, and how much support might be available. Posts seem to be answered swiftly by staff, which implies that customer service levels are high. There is also a useful section in which users can suggest new features for the software’s next version. Direct support for users is available online, and via the user guide, walkthroughs and FAQs. Having such a wealth of support options is great, although it can be a little unclear which option (e.g, forum or online support) is most appropriate for a particular problem.

The software itself is extensive, with an impressive variety of different functions. Some functions are aimed at examining the current SEO performance of a website, some suggest improvements, and some are reporting tools. Some of these are aimed more at SEO professionals (such as the reporting tools), and others at webmasters. The software does seem to assume some degree of knowledge of SEO techniques – anyone using it without having a degree of understanding of SEO would be advised to do some basic research before trying to use the software, so that they could understand its full potential. Understanding the importance of keywords and the ways in which search engines operate would enable a webmaster to get the most out of the tools . SEO professionals using Advanced Web Ranking will find the whole range of tools available useful. The personalized reports feature might be particularly useful to freelance SEO professionals, wanting to create reports on progress that will impress their clients.

These are the applications and features that are part of Advanced Web Ranking (some are only available to premium users):

  • Keyword research tool. This uses Google Adwords and other similar tools to make keyword suggestions, accompanied by data on each one. It’s a great starting point for an SEO campaign.
  • Choice of search engines. While most people will probably stick to Google, this is a useful tool for companies with an overseas or specialised customer base.
  • Keyword importation. The software allows you to import keywords from a URL or file. A good time-saver.
  • Keyword priority: helps users work out which keywords are the important ones. A really useful tool for whittling down the results of the keyword research tool into something more manageable.
  • Google preview search engine. Allows users to rank and compare data from different locations. Useful for international businesses and SEO professionals working on several projects.
  • Multiple proxy servers. Speeds up the updating process.
  • Automatic search engines updates. Allows users to keep up easily with changes in search engine algorithms.
  • Printable and personalized reports: Aimed at SEO professionals who need to report to their clients.
  • Keyword analysis. Provides a sophisticated analysis which includes density and frequency, and the ability to check competitors’ keyword usage. A really helpful tool for advanced SEO – may be especially useful to those trying to compete using popular keywords.

Advanced web ranking is a helpful piece of software that would be useful to anyone who needs to deal with SEO. Some tools are similar to those which can be found for free elsewhere, but it is easier to use them as part of a complete programme. The advanced tools are of particular use to freelance SEO professionals: this software would be a worthy business investment for that group.