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It’s Time to Buy Podcast Ads

I believe that podcasts are going to be a significant part of digital advertising within the next three years, not because they’re anything new because podcasts certainly aren’t anything new, but because I believe that the podcast audience is arguably one of the most engaged set of users that we are able to target with […]

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How we boosted Black Friday revenue for Regis & Supercuts

Hello, my name is Travis. I work within the Paid Media team here at RocketMill, and during my time here I’ve had a lot of experience understanding the challenges that businesses can face when running seasonal activity like Black Friday – especially when they’re going up against big brands, with big budgets. That’s why today […]

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Expanded text ads are here – this is what we’ve learned so far

Expanded Text Ads, announced at Google’s Performance Summit back in May, have gone live within the last couple of weeks. We wanted to break down what they’re all about and see what impact they will have on ad campaigns. Higher Character Limit The whole point of the Expanded Text Ads (ETAs) update is that the […]

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Cross device remarketing: the future of paid search?

Smartphones are everywhere, and current trends show that mobile devices have now taken over desktops as the primary device for searching the web. As a result, it is now essential that advertisers are present at all stages of the buying cycle, which often initiates on a mobile device and converts on a desktop. It is […]

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Facebook Audience Optimisation explained

Facebook have released a new organic tool to help publishers improve the reach and engagement of their ads. Available on all English language pages, the new Audience Optimisation tool uses three features to improve the organic reach of Facebook advertising: Preferred Audiences, Audience Restrictions, and Audience Insights. Preferred audience The Preferred Audience feature replaces Interest […]

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