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How to increase your organic traffic in 2019

The importance of optimising for people Videos and articles with this name, or similar, appear pretty much every year – they’re about as routine as walking into M&S and buying your mum a Christmas cardigan whilst Noddy Holder plays over the speakers. I’m going to do something different. For more than 20 years, marketers have […]

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Google speed update, July 2018: The new mobile ranking factor

Starting on 9th July 2018, Google began to consider how fast a web page loads when calculating its ranking in mobile search results. Site speed has been a ranking factor for desktop results since 2010. This new algorithm update reflects changing search habits on the modern mobile-centric web. The “Speed Update” will affect all businesses […]

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Why you might need to migrate your website before Brexit

Good afternoon RocketMill, and hello wherever you are watching along online. Philpot’s back, back again, tell a friend. Really, please do tell your friends… This month, I want to talk to you about something topical. It’s always nice when SEO and the news collide because, as a marketer, it really is crucial to understand how […]

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How progressive web apps could boost your mobile site performance

Okay, well good afternoon everyone. My name is Tom, and I work in the Technical SEO team here at RocketMill. Towards the end of last year, I spent two days at Google learning how build progressive web apps, and today I’m going to tell you how you can use this technology to build fast, reliable […]

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Symantec SSL Certification – do browsers trust your ‘secure’ site?

Good afternoon RocketMill, this is my first presentation as part of Forefront, so let’s get our very best game show ‘oohs ‘and ‘aahs’ going on. We have new graphics. We have a new set. I have a new flower…which, reading the room, was a bad idea. But we still have the same old technical SEO […]

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How to design an Amazon Alexa skill, part 3

Missed part two? Find out the fundamentals to launching an Alexa skill. Transcript Good afternoon, RocketMill, and Merry Christmas/Happy New Year internet, depending on when you are watching this. It is still 2017 in the RocketMill office, and that means we need to start thinking about how to make organic work in the New Year. […]

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How to design an Amazon Alexa skill, part 2

Missed part one? Find out the fundamentals to building an Alexa skill. Transcript Hello, everyone. Pretend I’m not here. Alexa, start RocketMill company meeting. [Alexa: Welcome to the RocketMill company meeting. Would you like me to introduce myself?] Yes [Alexa: Okay, good afternoon, RocketMill. My name is Alexa, and it is my pleasure to welcome […]

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How to design an Amazon Alexa skill

Transcript Good afternoon, RocketMill. My talk today, as you can see, is called: “How to Design an Amazon Skill for Your Business.” Now, so far in our series on voice search, we’ve discussed how to adapt your existing web content to be more suitable for voice applications. But today I want to start to talk […]

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Voice Search for marketers – here today, here to stay

Transcript Search, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the RocketMill team in their ongoing mission to explore exciting new platforms and to seek out new opportunities for brands like yours. To boldly go where no marketer has ever gone before. Good afternoon everyone and welcome to my talk, which is called: ‘Voice Search […]

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How to appear in YouTube ‘Suggested Clips’ on Google

Transcript Good afternoon RocketMill, it’s time for another conundrum. This month it is: “madeclips”. “Madeclips”, and your clue: “Chris made some video clips, but he couldn’t find where he’d saved them”. “Chris made some video clips, but he couldn’t find where he’d saved them”. Nine letters, rearrange them into a word while I tell you […]

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