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Personality Preferences: The ways we gather and trust information

There are two main preferences of how we gather information from the world and what information we trust. These are ‘Sense’ and ‘Intuition’ preference and are based on the Myers Briggs Personality Types. The two types of preferences These two types refer to our preferences on the way we find and understand information. The sense […]

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Personality Preferences: How introverts and extroverts absorb and focus their energy

Understanding the traits of different personality types allows us to better understand those around us, and how to build relationships and work effectively with them. The difference between introverts and extroverts It is a common myth that these two types are based on how shy or confident you are. In fact, the terms are used […]

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How to manage your chimp

Hi everyone, my name’s Sarah Rudder, founder of Ginger Dog Development and resident coach here at RocketMill. Today, we are talking about chimp management. This is something I talk about quite often in my coaching sessions with people, and it’s also something I use often in the work that I do around mental toughness and […]

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The science of persuasion

Transcript For those of you who don’t know me, my name’s Sarah Rudder, I run a bespoke learning and development agency called Ginger Dog Developments and I am the resident company coach here at RocketMill. Today I thought we would spend a few minutes looking at the science of persuasion. The science of persuasion So you […]

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Exploring unconscious bias

Transcript My name is Sarah Rudder, I run a learning and development agency called Ginger Dog. I’m absolutely passionate about unleashing potential and developing people and I’m delighted to be working here at RocketMill as your resident company coach. Today, we are exploring unconscious bias. So, give me just a show of hands, who here […]

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From surviving to thriving

Transcript Resilience and mental health is something I’m massively passionate about and I could probably talk to you for about two days about that subject, but I have 10 minutes. So, I had to really think very carefully about what to do. Mental health awareness week every year has a theme. This year the theme […]

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