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Telly is dead, long live Facebook TV

A week after Facebook TV or Facebook Watch launched in the US I wanted to talk about the effects on traditional linear TV and if Facebook can make a go of winning revenue from the big brands. To start and to do the launch justice, I’m going to cheat a little bit and show you […]

5 min read Marc Young

Save the free internet

So, my talk today is on how, if we get a grip on ad blockers, we might stand a chance of saving the free internet. And while the industry debates, again, about the effects of something that, if not controlled, could well contribute to the end of the free internet as we know it. The […]

5 min read Marc Young

The great viewability debate

I’m going to talk to you about the great viewability debate and why it’s important for us as marketers. For digital, it’s a debate that has been rumbling on for quite a while so I thought I address it as an agency and I want you guys to think about it when we are planning […]

6 min read Marc Young