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Is the West best?

This technology enabled some fantastic new opportunities for marketers. A few of my favourite examples from my time there are shoppable subway ads (oddly enough part of a campaign for Tesco’s ill-fated Asian expansion), and EMart’s mind-boggling sundial QR Code which is only scannable between 12-1pm when the right shadows are cast, unlocking offers designed […]

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The importance of owning your platform

Hello everybody. My name’s Jon Norris. I’m the Head of Content here at RocketMill. Today I want to talk to you about the importance of owning your own platform. The rise and fall of… I wanted to start with something of a cautionary tale. The story is about a publisher that you’ve probably heard of. […]

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How to use data in your content strategy

Transcript Hello, everybody. My name’s Jon. I’m the Head of Content here at RocketMill, and today, I’m going to talk to you a little bit about how you can use data in your content strategy, but also, when you should ignore it. How important is data with your content? Data’s brilliant. We all love data, […]

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Content Marketing 101

Transcript Hello everybody, my name’s Jon Norris, I’m the Head of Content here at RocketMill. Today, I wanted to walk you through some real content marketing basics, so I’ve called my talk today: ‘Content Marketing 101’. Not a lot of people know this, but when you go to content marketing school there are three – […]

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How to do personalisation without doing personalisation

Transcript Today, I’m going to be talking about how to do personalisation without actually doing personalisation. It seems like a really, really hot topic at the moment. Hands up if one of your clients has asked you about personalisation. Yeah, enthusiastic waving at the back. What is personalisation? I think it’s important to understand what […]

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Why you should audit & prune your content

So, I’m here to talk to you today about why you should regularly audit and prune your website, take care of your website, in the same way that you would look after your hedge at home, you should do the same thing to your website. But perhaps a more accurate title for this talk would […]

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Why stock imagery should die – and how to kill it

What I’m going to talk to you about today is stock photography. Hands up, who likes stock photography? Yeah? I’ve got some sarcastic hands at the back there. I think, probably, most people would struggle with saying they genuinely like stock photography, but that’s mostly from an aesthetic point of view, because a lot of […]

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Do we have to sacrifice humanity for technology?

So, today I want to talk to you a little bit about the marriage of humanity and technology, or indeed the lack thereof. This is a thing we hear a lot about in the news at the moment. Uber is a great example of a company that is constantly failing to marry technology and humanity. […]

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Why you need to pop your filter bubble

Today, I wanted to discuss with you why you should look at popping your filter bubble. First of all, does everybody understand what I mean when I say filter bubble? Hands up if you’ve heard that term before. Only … Oh, okay. All right. Good thing I’m here then. So, filter bubble’s this concept that’s […]

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Why you need to burn your blog

What I’m actually talking about today is what I’ve titled: “Burn your blog”, which may sound slightly counter intuitive – given that I’m the Head of Content and a lot of time we work on our companies’ blogs, our clients’ blogs – but I think it’s time that all of our clients should burn their […]

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