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Are You Wasting Your Paid Search Spend?

When carrying out these tests, there are three key things to think about. Stick to the scientific method. It works. Paid Media gives us the flexibility to test so many things, including ad creative, targeting options and audiences. With such a range of options, it can be tempting to dive right in and start testing […]

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Google All-In with Universal app campaigns

I wrote a blog post at the end of last year detailing how to promote an app through search, and the landscape is now changing with an announcement on Monday that Google will be moving existing AdWords app promotion campaigns to UAC (Universal App Campaigns). This isn’t a surprising move, as Google has been pushing […]

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A historic day for AdWords Quality Score Reporting

Despite being something advertisers are keen to track over time – to show the benefits of landing page or ad copy tweaks – Quality Score has always remained particularly difficult to monitor. AdWords has historically classed Quality Score as an attribute rather than a metric, only allowing you to see the current value with no […]

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Why we’re excited about price extensions

As a platform AdWords is always developing, most visibly through the launch of different types of ad extensions. From long-time stalwarts like sitelinks to alphas and betas that may never see the light of day, there’s plenty on offer. This post looks at one newer extension available to advertisers: Price Extensions. Desktop Mobile Price Extensions […]

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Long live expanded text ads: how to embrace long-form ad copy

The sun has set on Standard Text Ads (STAs), and we’re waving goodbye to the days of 25/35/35 length ads. Advertisers are now only able to create longer Expanded Text Ads (ETAs, or now just “text ads”). As it stands any existing STAs will still show, but any advertisers who have yet to embrace ETAs […]

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How should you promote an app on search?

Mobile is a key part of any modern marketing strategy – search advertisers have witnessed explosive growth in mobile queries over the last few years, even though 90% of time on mobile is spent in an app, compared to just 10% in a browser. Thinking about how you approach mobile, specifically apps, is key, even […]

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