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Why CPA is an outdated metric to measure success

Working in Paid Media, I have conversations about CPA, CPL and direct ROI on a daily basis. But the world is changing, and companies which focus solely on last-click CPA as a measure of success will soon find themselves out-competed by smarter brands taking a holistic view of their sales funnel. Think of it this […]

3 min read Charlotte Hill

Case study: Bauer Media – how we increased subscriptions via Paid Media by 42%

Afternoon everyone. I’m going to tell you how we revolutionised Bauer Media’s PPC campaign and got a 42% uplift in subscriptions. Firstly, we were given a brief and that was to improve and beat the previous year’s subscription performance without compromising the CPA. Now, that seems pretty reasonable and relatively straightforward, but let me give […]

7 min read Charlotte Hill

AdWords: New formats for local inventory ads

Local inventory ads (LIAs) were launched in 2014, with the aim of helping retailers drive more traffic into their physical stores after a decline in how much Google was able to charge for clicks.  This was because advertisers steered away from mobile-friendly ads, sceptical of spending money on mobile advertising when a user was more […]

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