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Don’t believe the stereotype

Transcript Good afternoon everyone. Today I’m going to be talking about: “Don’t believe the stereotype”. Recently, it was reported in the news that the Advertising Standards Authority are going to crack down on negative gender stereotypes. And this particular advert, here, got slated for portraying a girl as being a ballet dancer, or growing up […]

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How to use psychology to increase conversions

Today. How to use psychology to increase conversions. We’ve got, out there, neuroeconomics, behaviour economics, marketing psychology; all really sexy words out there at the moment in the digital marketing space. What they’re all trying to do is look at the mechanics of the brain, and how that influences behaviour. Some of you may have […]

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There’s more to CRO than conversion rate optimisation

Transcript Good afternoon, everyone. I’m going to tell you something surprising today and that is: conversion rate optimisation isn’t about conversion rate optimisation. Boom! What is CRO? What it is about, is optimising human experiences with your brand. That’s because, today, we live in an experience economy. A good experience can make you an advocate […]

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How to improve your site with Cialdini’s Six Principles of Persuasion

The art of persuasion. Dr. Robert Cialdini, Professor Emeritus – I think that’s pronounced correctly – of Psychology of Marketing in Arizona State University, back in 1984 – I know some of you guys probably weren’t even born then – wrote a book called ‘Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.’ Now if you are involved in […]

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How we increased Gatwick Airport Parking’s mobile bookings by 21%

So this afternoon I’d like to talk to you about Gatwick Parking. Gatwick Parking is part of Gatwick Airport and they offer the official parking for the airport and they have a range of products, which include Long Stay, Short Stay, Valet, Premium Parking, as well as selling products, such as lounges and equivalent to […]

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Making the most of your A/B testing

A/B testing plays a huge role in digital marketing when it comes to website and page design in ecommerce. When it comes to maximising conversation rates, the ability to compare two versions of a single variable to see which one performs better can be invaluable for marketing managers. How can you make the most of […]

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